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Leonardo Carratł: the innovation our strength!

The innovation has followed for a long time the progress of the firm, which was founded as a resale of agricultural machines. Then in the nineties the firm started the making on its own and the specialization of machines of harvest of pending fruit.

Protagonist is the shake, the innovative vibrating hook endowed with an exclusive system, patented in Italy and Spain, that make it possible to pick up large quantities of pending fruit without.

In a short time the hook has been purchased and used by hundreds of buyers, discovering levels of production without precedent:

  • a high productivity has been found guaranteeing in a day a picking-up of over one thousand of kg of olives;
  • the use of the hook shake it favours an optimization of the resource: one worker succeeds in realizing the production of 10 persons ;
  • a person can obtain a crop realizes him equal to 98/100%;
  • it reaches branches up to 4,5 mt. without using a ladder.

Statistical data confirm these numbers.

The following stages of the rapid development I derive from the ability of Carratł Leonardo who too offer a rich range of accessories among which you can find also the prooning kit that turns the rod into a hack-saw which can reach any height without using a ladder.

New solutions to make the labour less heavy for the picking up of the pending fruit is the last novelty that is supershake, representing an evolution of the first model into which some modifications have been introduced which enable to make an assemblage and maintenance of the machine in a simple manner and an optimization of the system of transmission. Its form has been deposited with the community model.

The Carratù innovation may also be appreciated by means of the universal design which characterizes the SuperShake to be inserted on any kind of backpaked brushcutter. Lately some technicians are studying to make the shake and supershake powered by a pneumatic system, they are studying also a range of accessory which may be used in different fields.

The products by Mr. Leonardo Carratù are nowadays present in Italy , Spain , Greece , Hungary , Turkey , Israel , Syria , Colombia and Australia thanks to the logistic and organizational abilities of the distributive firm Carratù snc.

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