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Technical data

Total weight accessory without flexible shaft: Kg. 3,7
Total weight of accessory: Kg. 5
Weight of a medium engine: Kg 6 about
Min. length: 1700 mm
Max length: 2500 mm
Absorbed power: You can use brushcutter engines from 25 cc. and 60 cc. that made a power from 1 to 3 hp. The power absorbed is not more than 1 Hp
Suitable to: Collect pending fruits ( With the vibration of the branch) like olives, almonds, nuts, hazel nuts, jojoba, cafe apricots , apple etc. for industrial use ( oil, juice, marmelade )
Other application: With a special kit you can transform it in a telescopic pruner
Functionality: The object of this machine is to operate without the use of ladder on tree high about 4,5 mt and to use one engine for more works
Productiveness: about 150 Kg in an hour ( 16 medium trees in an hour )
( each tree in a time from 4 to 8 minutes )
Efficiency of harvest: 98 %
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